Papa Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake cheese tart dubai abudabi

Japanese Cheesecake has been the most sought-after Japanese dessert all these years. Our exceptional cakes have made Papa fluffy a center of attraction for signature Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai. When it comes to celebrating special occasions such as Birthday, Valentine’s Day, weddings etc., we have managed to galvanize each and every customer with fluffiness and sweetness of Japanese fluffy cake.

Papa Fluffy also facilitates the customers to order cake online from Papa Fluffy’s website directly. Papa Fluffy also offers services like online birthday cakes in Dubai and other emirates and pay by cash on delivery services that added us to the list of best bakeries in Dubai. From locals to visitors from around the world, our Special Cheesecake is an offbeat favorite to savor their favorite flavor. Each cheesecake is handmade at the original Japanese bakery- PAPA FLUFFY! Papa Fluffy Gourmet is loved by everyone who visits our Bakery. Taste of fluffiness is spreading fast, our brand loyal customers are increasing, and reputation of our Japanese Cheesecake in Dubai is spreading all around.