The Chef

Papa Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake cheese tart dubai abudabi

Our highly skilled Japanese bakers produce Japanese Cheesecakes without adding any excessive preservatives. We believe our simply finest ingredients produce simply perfect taste. We bake something special every day to correspond the Japanese traditions and flavour to ensure our premium quality.

Our bakers have been trained in Japanese baking techniques and can make authentic baked goods. You will also find unique Japanese favorite Cheesecake in variety of delightful flavors. We invite you to come enjoy a unique Japanese Bakery experience right here in Dubai, UAE.

Our bakers bring together the best material and traditional hand-crafting to develop the true flavors of Cheesecake. Their life-long passion for baking and search for the best techniques delivers the UAE best cakes stuffed with genuine essence and uniformity.

Our Staff is classically trained in Japanese Cuisine. Their mastery of Japanese baking comes from extensive working experiences as chef in Japan. Their lifelong passion for cooking is demonstrated in the choice of every ingredient, in the preparation of every recipe, in the placement of every detail. Their goal is to create an experience like never before and to surpass your expectation for everlasting flavor.