Birthday Cake

Papa Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake cheese tart dubai abudabi

Nothing beats a yummy, delicious birthday cake on this special occasion.

The climax of any birthday party is the cake. Birthday cake ideas & designs are getting more and more inventive with the passage of time. Moreover, like the designs, the flavors have also evolved with time. The birthday cakes of today are creatively designed to form desired shapes & taste.

Papa Fluffy Gourmet Birthday Cakes capture the distinctive essence of your event while exciting your guests with incredible flavors and beautiful designs. Crafting superb confections from top quality ingredients is our passion. Our event team will favorably personalize your cake to match the unique style and theme of your birthday party. The variety of flavors available in our Bakery is simply matchless. All sorts of mouth-watering essences are offered to satisfy your taste buds

We are committed to baking birthday cakes that are both fluffy and flavorful. All of our cakes are designed and ornamented with splendor and thematic exterior. You can select any type of Cake art or design. These typically customized cakes have been designed exclusively and lovingly hand made by our team of trained chefs, so definitely, all of the party guests will love these amazing birthday cakes.

For advance booking, please visit our website to place an advance order online or call at our Bakery to speak to a member of our team. You can email us for customized cakes, upon which, member of our events team will respond to your email. Please order your personalized cake minimum three business days prior to your event.